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2021 'The ReMix Club' A Vesper Sock Yarn Club

Product Code: 202QTWTF75



The ReMix Club,

our 2021 Vesper Sock Yarn Club!!



This is a 12 month subscription to

The ReMix Club, a Vesper Sock Yarn Club, 2021!!


The Details!

What is The ReMix Club?

We had so much fun dyeing for the Remix Club last year, we're going for round 2!

16 Years ago we started dyeing Vesper Sock Yarn in our small Pittsburgh home,

space was limited, and so were the colors we put in our colorways!

In the beginning, all Vesper Sock Yarn colorways had just THREE colors.

Now, we do as many as 14! In one Colorway!


In this Club, we will revisit some of our first and favorite colorways,

We'll take a colorway with just three colors, and MAKE IT NEW.

We are planning to add colors, speckles, change up the width and patterning of stripes-



This is an idea that has been rolling around for some time,

and we hope you'll join us for fun and color, and of course, STRIPES.


We are limiting the spots in this club, to help things ship more quickly, so don't hesitate!




We are doing things a little differently than

for our Stripes an Speckles Vesper Sock Yarn Club,

Please read on for more info!


There are 2 WAYS to sign up for our Rainbow of the Month Club!

1) The price for the YEARLY subscription is $360.00, ($432.00 WITH Mini Skeins) shipping is included.

If you should choose to pay for your year in FULL,

you will receive a 10% Discount!

(Total Price $324.00 ($388.80 WITH Mini Skeins) for the year!)

That's $36 OFF! over ONE FREE MONTH!

Year in Advance spots are limited, and first come first served!



 'By the month' option-


2) Once again, we are offering a 'Pay as you go' PAYPAL SUBSCRIPTION!

To sign up, you will order through this listing, and you will be billed for your first month to start your subscription.

You will pay $30 ($36 WITH Mini Skeins) for your first month through a link to paypal (January 2019),

then you will automatically be billed $30 ($36 WITH Mini Skeins) each month thru paypal.

(This is flexable, the date you pay your subscription is the date payments are made each month)

You are free to cancel at anytime!

Choose your method of of payment via the drop down menu when you add your club to your cart.



Shipping in the US is included in the 30.00/Month Price.

International Shipping Varies by Location.

Canada is 10.00 per month

Austrailia and Most other countries is 14.00 per month

International customers-

We can work it out to ship quarterly, and that will save on the shipping. Email for more details!


Your ReMix Club Yarn will be shipped towards the end of each month.

Once a month for 12 months you will receive a skein of yarn suitable for knitting a pair of socks.


Just like our 3 month Vesper Sock Yarn Club, you can CHOOSE which BASE yarn

you would like your club selection to be dyed in!

(At No Additional Charge!)


Please select from our options below, either

100% Superwash Merino 2ply


THICK SOCK 75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon

(this is the thicker base with Nylon)


80% Superwash Merino 20% Nylon 2ply


'Glitterful' SPARKLE BASE!

75% Springy Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Nylon, and 5% Stellina Sparkle


You can choose 'Dyer's Choice', and let us pick your base for you!!


We had such a great time with our Rainbow Club in 2017 & 2018, and our Color Club in 2019,

we are looking forward to something a little bit different, and we hope you'll join us again!!





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